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Synergies between CTAO and Gravitational Wave Observatories

Online: Zoom - subscription required

On 2017 August 17, the merger of a binary neutron-star system observed through gravitational waves and multi-wavelength emission from gamma rays, X-ray, ultraviolet-optical-near infrared, to radio marked the history of multi-messenger astronomy, showing its tremendous potential to probe the physics of the most energetic events of the Universe. Multi-messenger discoveries are unveiling the rich physics [...]

Pulsar Timing: Experience from Fermi LAT

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Pulsars are the most common Galactic GeV gamma-ray sources. Their spectra are hard, but cut off sharply in the energy range of the Large Area Telescope (LAT) on the Fermi satellite. Cherenkov telescopes have detected pulsations from 4 of the brightest of the nearly 300 LAT pulsars. CTAO's improved sensitivity may triple the number of [...]

Present and Future Large Radio Surveys of the Extreme Universe

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Transient radio emission is a fundamental tracer and physical probe of the most extreme and transient events in the universe.   In this talk, Rob Fender will discuss a number of recent developments with existing radio telescopes, including: the ThunderKAT image-plane transients programme on MeerKAT, the first citizen-science project to search for commensal radio transients, [...]