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Enabling Interoperability of Data from Astrophysics Infrastructures

Online: Zoom - subscription required

Interoperability is one of the most important aspects of Open Science which aims to make data ‘FAIR' - Findable, Interoperable, Accessible and Reusable. The ESCAPE project was a 4-year effort to address the ‘open science challenges’ of the large European astronomy and particle physics infrastructures, including the use of Virtual Observatory (VO) standards and tools [...]

Optical polarimetry with the VST: a new window of exploration at ESO and possible synergies with the CTAO

Online: Zoom - subscription required

Relativistic sources are often highly asymmetrical, both in their geometry and in their physics. This is reflected in their polarized multiwavelength signals. Thus, polarimetry carries information about high-energy emitters (galactic X-ray binaries, AGNs, GRBs) that crucially complements total light measurements. In this context, it would be key to coordinate the CTAO's very high-energy observations with [...]

PeVatron Searches with LHAASO and Relevance of the Synergy with other Facilities

Online: Zoom - subscription required

In this talk, Prof. Zhen Cao will introduce LHAASO as a survey instrument for gamma-ray sources in the northern hemisphere and its operation since 2019. The overall calibration using the Crab Nebula as the "standard candle" will be described covering also gamma/hadron separation. Energy reconstruction and resolution will be discussed, followed by Spectral Energy Distribution [...]