On Monday 29 April, the Compact High Energy Camera[…]

On Monday 29 April, the Compact High Energy Camera (CHEC) prototype camera, CHEC-S, was installed on the ASTRI-Horn telescope, an SST prototype. The following day, the camera was turned on and achieved first light, recording thousands of Cherenkov events in the first evening of observations. The CHEC is unique as an SST dual-mirror camera in its ability to capture Cherenkov light not as fixed images but as movies consisting of hundreds of frames each lasting one billionth of a second as seen in the below gif. A previous version of the camera also successfully captured first light with a different dual-mirror SST prototype, the GCT, in 2015. Congratulations to the CHEC and ASTRI-Horn teams!

CHEC-S Camera Achieves First Light on the ASTRI-Horn Telescope

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