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Gamma-ray Burst Observations with the Future SVOM Mission and Synergies with the CTAO

16/12/2021 @ 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM CET

SVOM is a Chinese-French space mission to be launched mid-2023 and devoted to the study of the high-energy transient sky. The core program of the mission will focus on gamma-ray burst studies. SVOM combines instruments with large field of view in gamma-rays (ECLAIRs and GRM), to cover the gamma-ray burst prompt emission (trigger, localisation, light curve, spectrum from 4 keV to a few MeV), and narrow-field of view telescopes in X-rays and optical (MXT and VT) to follow the afterglow after a slew. The project also has complementary robotic telescopes on ground, to search for the optical prompt emission, and for a rapid follow-up of the afterglow in the visible and near-infrared. In this talk, Prof. Daigne will first describe the expected sample of gamma-ray bursts to be observed by SVOM, and how they will be characterised. Then I will discuss some possible synergies with other instruments, and especially with the CTAO, and the important scientific questions related to the physics of gamma-ray bursts that could be addressed with such complementary observations.


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM CET
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