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Multi-Messenger Data Networks: The potential and impact on the CTA science

27/05/2021 @ 9:00 AM - 10:30 PM UTC

With the first detection of an electromagnetic counterpart to a gravitational wave signal from a binary neutron star merger and the first evidence of neutrino emission from a flaring gamma-ray blazar, we experienced the beginning of the multi-messenger (MM) astronomy. Many of the candidate sources are variable or transient and thus, require fast coordinated observations. Multi-messenger networks are being developed to quickly notify the community about interesting MM events and schedule follow-up observations.

In this talk, Dr. Anna Franckowiak will briefly discuss a selection of MM source candidates and present the MM data networks AMON and AMPEL, examples that follow two different approaches. Franckowiak will also highlight opportunities for CTA.

More information about the webinars available on the dedicated webpage.

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