New Outreach and Education Pages Launched

The new Outreach and Education pages of the CTA website are full of the tools and materials you need to learn more about CTA. Here is a summary of what you will find:


  • Multimedia: Need CTA images or print materials for educational or informational purposes? We’ve uploaded all our latest media for you to download, print or share as you like. The Media Usage page provides guidance on how to provide the appropriate credit for the use of CTA images, materials and content.
  • CTA Newsletter: The CTA e-newsletter sends the latest CTA news, project updates and more directly to your inbox 3-4 times per year. This page provides access to past issues and directions on how to subscribe.
  • CTA for Kids: Kids of all ages will find fun educational tools to learn or teach about CTA, including a new animated series called “Exploring CTA with Ted and Friends” that can be accessed on our YouTube channel.
  • Events: CTA and its Consortium of scientists attend and host CTA-related events around the world. Go to this page to find out when CTA will be in your neighbourhood.
  • Social Media: Get connected with CTA ‘s social media feeds for the latest news, fun facts, videos and images.


And we’re just getting started! These pages will continue to grow as we expand our outreach activities and build our toolkit for helping others to learn more about CTA so check back regularly.


CTA outreach and education is managed by the CTA Outreach and Communications Officer with the assistance of the CTA Outreach Committee, which is made up of more than 50 members from the CTA Consortium.  The committee members, representing 32 CTA member countries, are involved in coordinating CTA outreach activities in their respective regions. Contact Megan Grunewald for assistance or to be connected to an outreach representative in your region.