CTA for Kids

CTA education materials for kids (and adults)

The educational materials on this page will continue to expand so check back regularly. Go to the “CTA for Educators” page for more educational activities and materials.


Larger files for high-quality printing are available. Direct all questions and requests to CTA Communications Officer, Megan Grunewald.

Exploring CTA Science with Ted and Friends

Join Ted the Telescope and his friends Big Bear and Little Bear as they explore the exciting objects in space Ted and his telescope friends will look at as they search the night sky for gamma rays. Each of the seven episodes is about 3-4.5 minutes in length and covers a different topic. Watch the full series on our YouTube channel in English, Spanish or Portuguese . The series was created by Alice Hopkinson, an undergraduate student at Durham University, and is recommended for children ages 5-11, but “big kids” should find it enjoyable, too! Test what you learn from each episode with the accompanying handbook.

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CTA Telescopes in Simple Words

Simple Telescope Poster

CTA technology and its terminology can be complicated! James Wilson, a final-year undergraduate student at Durham University created these printouts and poster to help explain CTA telescopes in the simplest terms. The images were inspired by ‘The Thing Explainer’ by Randall Monroe.

CTA Electromagnetic Spectrum

CTA Electromagnetic SpectrumThis infographic illustrates where CTA’s energy range falls on the electromagnetic spectrum and is a useful tool to help explain the different wavelengths of light not visible to the human eye.


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