Materials & Publications

The educational and promotional materials on this page will continue to expand so check back regularly.


Larger files for high-quality printing are available. Direct all questions and requests to CTAO Outreach, Education and Communication Officer, Alba Fernández-Barral.


The CTAO brochure will introduce you to how the CTAO will work, our major science goals and the technology and organisations around the globe behind the construction of the CTAO.


Click here to open the English version (July 2021) of the CTAO Brochure in a PDF viewer.

This poster illustrates the path gamma rays travel from their emission by high-energy sources in the Universe to the Earth’s atmosphere, transformation into Cherenkov light and detection by the CTAO. (Also available in the CTAO Brochure.)


Download: PDF/3MB

Simple Telescope Poster Image


James Wilson, a final-year undergraduate student at Durham University created these printouts and poster to help explain the CTAO telescopes in the simplest terms. The images were inspired by ‘The Thing Explainer’ by Randall Munroe.


This infographic illustrates where the CTAO’s energy range falls on the electromagnetic spectrum.


CTAO Electromagnetic Spectrum (English: PDF / 2 MB; Spanish: PDF/ 3 MB)