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Want to have CTA news delivered directly to your email inbox? The CTA Newsletter is an e-newsletter that is distributed 3-4 times per year. Each issue provides construction and project updates, news from the CTA Consortium, articles about our science goals, recently published CTA papers, upcoming conferences and CTA events, and more. The distribution list includes all CTA Consortium members and those who subscribe. To subscribe, scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your email address in the subscription box and press the “Subscribe” button.


Contact the editor: Megan Grunewald.


May 2018 Issue


  • Message from the CTAO Managing Director, Prof. Federico Ferrini
  • Navigating Towards Construction
  • What the Propagation of Energetic Light can tell us About the Evolution of Stars, Intergalactic Magnetic Fields and Fundamental Physics
  • CTA Consortium Meeting in Paris
  • Preparations Underway for the First Phase of the North Site’s Detailed Design
  • The Large-Sized Telescope Prototype’s “Mirror Dressing” Begins
  • Schwarzschild-Couder Telescope Prototype Primary Mirror Installation Complete
  • CTA Fact Sheets are Now Available in Five Languages
  • ASTRI Camera Prototype Captures Orion’s Belt in Visible Spectral Range Using the Variance Technique
  • The CTA Exhibit is Hitting the Road Again this Summer! See you at …
  • Recent CTA Papers
  • Upcoming Conferences and Abstract Deadlines

January 2018 Issue


  • CTAO Council Updates and What’s Next for 2018
  • La Palma Consortium Meeting Wrap-Up
  • CTA in the Era of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics
  • Project Scientist, Jim Hinton, Featured in ‘Latest Thinking’ Video Series
  • CTA Performance – Instrument Response Functions Update
  • ESO Software Collaboration Leads to Shared Alarm System Development
  • Northern Hemisphere Site Construction Update
  • Mirror Dish Mounted to Large-Sized Telescope Prototype
  • Medium-Sized Telescope Prototype Records First Cherenkov Light with the FlashCam Camera
  • Introducing CTA to the Local Community in La Palma
  • CTA Exhibit Travels to South Africa for the International Texas Symposium
  • Recent CTA Papers
  • Upcoming Conferences and Abstract Deadlines

October 2017 Issue


  • Message from the CTAO gGmbH Managing Director, Ueli Straumann
  • Message from the CTAO gGmbH Project Manager, Wolfgang Wild
  • In Memory of Professor Nanni Bignami
  • CTA’s Updated Science Case is Released
  • CTA’s First Data Challenge Kicks Off in September
  • Hadrons or Leptons? That is the Question!
  • SST-1M Catches its First Glimpse of the Sky
  • ASTRI Prototype Achieves First Light
  • LST Prototype Update
  • Polish TV Program “Astronarium” Features CTA
  • Getting to Know the Neighbourhood: Planning Meetings for the North Site
  • News from the CTA Consortium
  • CTA Consortium Meeting in La Palma
  • Check Out Our Website’s New Outreach and Education Pages
  • Coming Events
  • CTA Hits the Road this Summer to Attend EWASS and ICRC
  • Recent CTA Papers
  • Upcoming Conferences and Abstract Deadlines

May 2017 Issue


  • CTAO gGmbH Project Update
  • Coming Soon: Science with the Cherenkov Telescope Array
  • Surveying the Large Magellanic Cloud
  • CTA Consortium Meeting in Rio de Janeiro
  • Video: Gamma Ray Sources and Their Detection with the SCT Prototype Camera
  • CTA’s Projected Performance
  • CTA in the News
  • Northern Array Site Developments
  • Signs of Progress on CTA’s Southern Array Site
  • Follow Site Progress on the CTA Website
  • Sub-Consortium Forms to Build First Pre-Production MST for CTA
  • In the Right Direction: The GCT Team Begins Observations in Paris
  • NECTAr-Based Gamma-Ray Source Detection
  • Coming Events
  • Recent CTA Papers
  • Upcoming Conferences and Abstract Deadlines

December 2016 Issue


  • Welcome to the CTA Newsletter
  • Meet CTA’s New Website
  • News from the CTA Consortium
  • CTA’s Galactic Plane Survey Will Provide Unprecedented View of Our Galaxy
  • CTA in the News
  • Construction Update
  • ASTRI Demonstrates Viability of Novel Schwarzschild-Couder Design
  • SST-1M Prototype Prepares for First Light
  • Light in Astronomy Event Promotes CTA and ASTRI in Italy
  • International Cosmic Day Challenges Students to Think Like an Astrophysicist
  • How to Build CTA (in LEGO)
  • Coming Events
  • Recent CTA Papers
  • Upcoming Conferences and Abstract Deadlines