Current progress toward construction and the first telescopes on site

Project Status

The estimated €400 million project is well advanced: working prototypes exist for all but the largest telescope designs and significant site characterization has been undertaken. An inter-governmental agreement for construction and subsequent operation of the observatory is in preparation and funding for the project as a whole is progressing.


The project timeline below illustrates the progress this year as CTA finishes its pre-construction phase. The build-up to construction continues in 2017 as site hosting agreements are finalized, financial investment is secured and the sites are prepared for construction. If all goes as planned, the project will move forward with construction in 2018, with the first telescopes on site in 2019.


Project Timeline


CTA has come a long way since its conception in 2005. This timeline illustrates CTA’s progress and the tasks yet to be completed in order for operations to begin in 2021 and array construction to end in 2024.