Construction Project Overview

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Construction Project Overview

The preparations for the design and implementation of the CTAO is a global initiative. It is supported financially by CTAO Shareholders and Associate Members of the interim legal entity, the CTAO gGmbH. The main hub for the overall project and systems engineering activities, the CTAO Project Office, is located at the headquarters in Bologna, Italy, while the Computing efforts are centralized at the Science Data Management Centre in Zeuthen, Germany. 


A high-level work breakdown structure is illustrated in the below figure.

Learn more about the telescope (LST, MST, SST) and computing work packages on the Technology Page.

The project to build the CTAO is well advanced: working prototypes exist for all of the telescope designs and significant site characterization and design work has been undertaken. The below graphic illustrates some of the major technical reviews and milestones the CTAO has achieved over the past five years in preparation for construction.