Recommended reading about the CTAO and its significant scientific potential


The CTAO’s science cases and its priorities are coordinated by the CTAO Project Scientist, Roberta Zanin, who works in close cooperation with the Cherenkov Telescope Array Consortium (CTAC). Over the years, hundreds of papers have been published by a variety of partners about CTAO science and technology. Use the library tool below to sort and search CTAO papers.  


  • For the CTAC research funding agencies, go to the Acknowledgments page.
  • The updated CTAC authors list can be accessed from the Authors page.
  • The CTAC Publication Policies can be downloaded here: PDF, 317 KB.
  • Questions concerning the publication of CTAC-related materials should be directed to the Chairs of the CTAC Speakers and Publications Office (SAPO): Deirdre Horan and Daniela Hadasch

Science with the Cherenkov Telescope Array Cover“Science with the Cherenkov Telescope Array”



In 2017, the CTAC published Science with the Cherenkov Telescope Array. Available in PDF and hard copy through World Scientific, the work includes more than 200 pages that introduce and elaborate on the CTAO’s major science themes and place the CTAO in the context of other major observatories. (Read More)


Download full document on arXiv:

World Scientific (PDF or hard copy):


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